Our day centre is one of the many care facilities we have available to our clients. We provide a safe, clean and engaging place for all our visitors. We understand the importance of getting out the house, being in a fresh environment and socialising with others and that is exactly what we offer via the day centre. We can offer 1 on 1 time with our team members or group activities including arts and crafts, baking, group discussions, light exercise and much more. Not only does it give our visitors an enjoyable place to enjoy some time but also allows family members or their carers the opportunity to relax without worrying about the wellbeing of their loved one.


If you cannot make your own way to our lovely Centre or are a wheelchair user, we have specialised vans available to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to come!

Visit our DAY CENTRE

2 Sussex Business Village,
Lake Lane, Barnham,
PO22 0AL